Monday, March 30, 2009

Holy KNIT!!!!!!!

Get ready to meet the Goddess of Spun Fibers...THIS CHIC.

Don't let this cute lil lady fool you. Libby Bruce A.K.A "the Liberator" and her husband own Wonder Knit. Wonder Knit has graced North High with an unbelievably diverse selection of knitting supplies and yarns since December 2008.They may be the new kids on the block but age has nothing on their expertise.

In the pic above Libby is providing the muscle to transform a 'hank'(loose loop of yarn)into a 'skeim'(ball of yarn) for a customer to purchase.

(*Note this is the happiest black guy ever to walk into wonderknit!)

The store not only offers classes, but they have every shade of yarn you can think of, Organic yarns, Naturally dyed yarns,

They even have Cashmere Yarn's hella soft! (it also goes for $48 a skeim) Libby told me she made her mother a Cashmere scarf with a lace pattern...(*note this is the only time where spending $48 bizzz-ones on fiber is justifiable.)

Seeing a whole world dedicated to all things Yarn prompted more than i few questions so me an Libby had a lil talk...

FN: Do you own or have you ever knitted/crocheted lingerie?
L: No, but i've seen it. There's a book called Knotty Needles
FN: Really??!

FN: What is one of the most random things you've ever knitted?
L: I made a six pack carrier.
FN: what was the reasoning behind that?(*genuinely interested)
L:Well i always feel like the paper ones are gonna break.
FN: HA! Did you knit it in a bar...
L: I actually did.

Libby's Random Benefit of knitting for men..
'Guys don't understand that when they join knitting groups they can actually meet tons of chic's. Girls love it when a guy can knit.'
I don't know if i'm into the knitting type but hey... There'll be lots of cool people to mingle and be knotty with at the Pints and Purls book release party April 8th, 2009! (by Karida Collins & Libby Bruce)

For more info visit WonderKnit
or Check out her blog WineLips

Thursday, March 26, 2009



foto by freshnancy

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

you still my DUNNY.

definitely the foto-thing of the day.

Dunny-(n. DUHN-EE) is an action figure made of soft, smooth vinyl. Dunny was created to be customized in a broad variety of styles by diverse artists working in different mediums. check:kidrobot

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Most 50 year olds would be.....

Out walking Muffy, watering the petunias, or taking their Geritol...Not Barbie.
She just turned 50 and doesn't look a day over 23!(go fig) Maybe Plastic Surgery does work.

Barbie Gets tatted for her b-day. That's right, Barb's got a tramp stamp!

This new Barbie I spotted on Nicktoons(which i watch faithfully because of any rate the commercial came on and i couldn't believe my eyes....i immediately started googlin photos in preparation for this blog.

What hasn't she done?

Worked at McDonald's? Check.

Been to the moon? Check.

went back to the moon with a Black Chic? check.

Modeled for Gaultier? check.

Posed for porn? check.

She's Even been Jay-Z and Beyonce for God sakes!!!

I mean really she is the most non-working foto posing celebrity, with kids that we don't know what happened to,and a man that mysteriously comes in and out of her life (poor Ken).

Personally I don't trust her.. she's a sneaky lil broad. I mean she was going commando in public long before brittany lost her manners.There's a whole lotta pretense behind that poise.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Black Sail Collective

One of the Best Shows Acock Gallery has or ever will see. I just hate that more ppl didn't see it. Catch them on the street by Skully's during gallery hops or
check him out on myspace

Monday, March 2, 2009

What's better than a Spaulding Basketball?

Esperanza Spaulding!

Her vocal sound is reminiscent of Amel Larrieux

"Time Four Three Bassist" Raanan Meyers